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Discount Dental Plan
By The HealthPlus Membership Network

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Dental Plan

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Your Benefits include:

*Dental Plan*

*Vision Plan
*Chiropractic Plan*


*Prescription Drug Savings Card*

The HealthPlus Membership Network is a discount supplemental Dental & Health benefit program which allows you to save up to 60% and more on Dental Services, Eyewear, Chiropractic Care, and Prescription Drug Savings.

The HealthPlus Membership Network has been in business since 1985 providing our members savings on Dentistry, Prescription Drugs,  Eyewear and chiropractic services in Arizona and Utah.

Savings begin immediately!
We have no waiting periods and a member your savings can start immediately.
Free Bitewing X-rays
Enjoy free bitewing X-rays. Plus all other X-rays are reduced in price for your convenience.
Free Examination
As a member you will receive a free exam when visiting our providers. Look to our providers
directory for a location nearest you.Arizona Provider       Utah Providers 
Save on Cleanings, Checkups, Fillings, Braces, Crowns & More
As a member you will save on all of your Dentistry needs. Look to our Fee Schedule for pricing. Arizona  Utah
No special claim forms to complete!
You never have to fill out any claim form with our provider.  You simply pay them the discounted amount.
No restrictions on age, pre-existing conditions
Age is never a problem with our plan. No matter what your age you can utilize any of our providers.
No Limits on what you save or visits you make!
There are no limitation on our plan! Use your plan when you need it.
No surprises! Your member fee is guaranteed for  2 years!
When you join your membership fee is guaranteed to increase for 2 years
Save on Eyewear
At no additional cost to you, save on eye wear at any of our locations nationwide.
Save on Chiropractic care
Members can now save on Chiropractic services at any of our provider locations.
Save on Prescription Drugs (optional)
For an additional small enrollment fee you can enjoy savings on all your Prescription Medication at over 45,000
pharmacies Nationwide.   Savings will range from 20% to 60% on medications.  Look to our Pharmacy link for more information.

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